About Us

Aim of Aqsa Education Society

          Our purpose is to foster critical thinking, free the mind of prejudice & prepare the students to lead a personally satisfying, civically responsible & socially useful life. With these goals in life we are spearheading in the 28th year of igniting the flame of "Academic Excellence."

Missions of Aqsa Education Society

          The school expects from its students that they shall strive to the best of their ability , to develop all their powers - Intellectual, Moral and physical ; to the highest possible level. In all their activities they are expected to display care, throughness & preserverance. They are expected to show co-operation, fair mindedness, trustworthiness consideration for others, courtesy and a spirit of service. As a individual, they are expected to show self-reliance, initiative and the power of honest and as far as it is justified, independent thinking. Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything. All our knowledge and motivation has its origin in our perception. I believe one can achieve success if followed by passion & dedication. Our cultural Association is a zealous body of vibrant energy, enthusiam teamwork, dedication , creativity, and full of talent. Creativity empowers the students to come out of their comfort zone and the Cultural Association offers them a ready platform to display their talent. I am sure with this, we shall strive to excel and March ahead with the mission of creative and intellectual development of the students.

Dreams that we will fullfill

          '' Frailty, The name is woman'' when Shakespear wrote this words of Hamlet, he wouldn't have had an iota of imagination that, in a couple of centuries , woman would be surging forth to strom all male bastion making their mark & asserting themselves in every sphere of life. Aqsa Educational Society primarily adheres to strengthing the women community by imparting valuable education. Increasing girls' and women's education and their access to resources also improves the health & education of the next generation. It is time women awake, arise and organize themselves into an invincible force & unlock their immense potentials to make their impact felt everywhere.

What Aqsa Education Society Believes in

          We believe that our students are equal regardless of the financial or social status of their parents. We provide them with the best possible educational facilities, by appointing qualified teachers, who can teach & nurture them in such a way that they can make their own mark in the society and function as a responsible citizen of the future. Our teachers are sincere and hardworking and are always given the opportunity to update their knowledge by attending workshops seminars, and training programmes.

What Aqsa Wishes

          We wish the very best to our students, as they go through a rewarding and stimulating learning experience here. Dear children learn from Yesterday but Live for Today. You are our hope for Tomorrow.

Aqsa Prayes for all

          We Thank the almighty for bestowing us with the opportunity to be useful to the community in the capacity that we can and giving us the strength and energy to make a positive presence . I pray that He continues to bestow and shower His Mercy on all linked with this institute so that we achieve peace, success and progress . Aameen.

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