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Aim of Aqsa Education Society

Our purpose is to foster critical thinking, free the mind of prejudice & prepare the students to lead a personally satisfying, civically responsible & socially useful life. With these goals in life we are spearheading in the 28th year of igniting the flame of "Academic Excellence."

Missions of Aqsa Education Society

The school expects from its students that they shall strive to the best of their ability , to develop all their powers - Intellectual, Moral and physical ; to the highest possible level. In all their activities they are expected to display care, throughness & preserverance. They are expected to show co-operation, fair mindedness, trustworthiness consideration for others, courtesy and a spirit of service. As a individual, they are expected to show self-reliance, initiative and the power of honest and as far as it is justified, independent thinking. Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything. Read More....


The Aqsa Educational Society of Thane District was established in 1980 and is rendering its services in the field of Education for more than 30 years. Currently Aqsa Society is has 3 primary schools, 3 Secondary schools, 1 Junior colleges, a multi-faculty college for women affiliated to the S.N.D.T Women’s university of Mumbai with B.A., B.Sc, B.Com. The main objective of the Aqsa Society is to make available the educational facilities to the girls of entire Thane District. The efforts of the members of Aqsa. Society is appreciated by one and all, thus ensuring continual improvement of all its institutions.

We are all aware of the fact that learning is a continuous and a creative process. It aims to develop the capabilities of the students and thus helps towards the enrichment and progress of the society.

The schools and college established by the Aqsa Educational Society is imparting education to about 6000 girl students. Read More....

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